Coffins and Caskets

Choosing an appropriate coffin or casket which means something to you and your family and reflects the personality of your loved one will help with the bereavement process and is an important part of your funeral arrangement. Working together with our carefully selected suppliers who are award-winning manufacturers we are able to offer a range of quality coffins and caskets.

We and our suppliers care about the environment, quality and service. We have many different options available, each option offering a unique set of features. Before choosing a coffin or casket, it is perhaps worth taking a look back at the life of your loved one, this may help you decide on the type of coffin or casket that would best represent their life.

The personality of your loved one can be reflected in the coffin or casket you choose, we can provide a choice of coffins or caskets that can help to represent them and their character. We respect that not every one will wish to choose a coffin or casket, so with this in mind we would recommend our most popular choice, an oak wood veneered coffin with a polished finish suitable for burial or cremation.

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Our York traditional oak coffin, included in our price

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Canterbury traditional mahogany coffin

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Pastel white modern coffin

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personal coffin range

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